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This is a product that pursues how lightly the wheel of a motorcycle can be turned.And the electroless nickel plating is given to the foundation. The surface uses plating with high oil retention.

This is a product that pursues how lightly the wheel of a motorcycle can be turned.This manufacturing method is based on the production specifications of the products used in the world's racing world (MotoGP, SBK, EWC) (documents instructed in detail from material selection to dimensional accuracy, plating specifications, thickness and plating hardness). The surface treatment uses the advanced technology “electroless composite plating”.The plating film disperses and eutectoids conductive fine particles (particle size is about 0.2 μm) as the second phase in order to provide functions other than the characteristics of the deposited metal.It can also be used on sliding surfaces where lubricating oil cannot be used with functional plating that combines film properties with excellent self-lubricating properties and wear resistance. Achieved hardness of 750-900 Hv by stabilizing plating welding density And it can be used even in oilless situations.

This is the axis that passes through the center of the wheel. It is also a part that connects the front fork and the car body [swing arm]. The wheels are composed of tires and wheels and bearings e.t.c. A bearing is always in contact with the axle shaft.

Genuine products are finished in reasonable products that are produced from mass production. Our company makes thorough “manufacturing” to improve product quality.

Many of the other companies are similar to genuine products (only the materials are different).We are reviewing the concept of production to improve quality. The wheel rolling (rotation by reducing the friction coefficient) is different.

The relationship between the axle shaft and the bearing in the wheel is alway that the axle shaft surface is in contact with the bearing inner ring. Rotation is generated by rolling the [ball] between the outer ring and the inner ring that are press-fitted into the bearing wheel, against the [rolling groove of the inner and outer rings]. We have reliably implemented the case studies recommended by bearing manufacturers to reduce friction loss. This will bring out the performance of the bearing. Since the shaft shape is transferred to the inner and outer ring rolling grooves, if the roundness is poor, the inner and outer ring rolling grooves are also affected and cause friction. Also, since there are multiple bearings, the axle shaft and the bearing center axis must be in a straight line (expressed in cylindricity). However, when the cylindricity deteriorates, the load is not applied uniformly to the bearing and friction occurs. Our company develops and sells products in pursuit of how the wheel can be turned lightly just by changing the axle shaft.

Our products are compatible with regular motorcycle model purchased from authorized stores. It is at your own risk to install modified motorcycle model such as front forks, top bridges, swing arms, etc., as well as used motorcycle model purchased by individuals and auctions. The year is the year of manufacture. It is not a sales year. When "90-" is written, it corresponds to "1990 or higher". In addition, motorcycle model that do not have a year of manufacture are compatible with all models.

All of our products have a specific shape, and the specifications cannot be changed.

We have sales offices in two countries. Thailand and Taiwan. Thailand Office Taiwan Office (IWAKI Motors): Add:171 Siwei Rd,Bangiao Dist,New Taipei City 220,TAIWAN Tel :+886-2-2256-9977 When you purchase a product, you need a Japan domestic price and shipping costs. Terms of payment is "Paypal". How to order by e-mail 1.[ Model name] &2.[Year of manufacture] &3.[Required parts] &4.[Required tools / unnecessary] Please specify and send it to us. We will reply "Commercial Invoice" which describes the fee and delivery date. 【In the case of an individual purchase】 1. You must give your name, address, zip code and phone number up to "info@peo.nara.jp". 2. We issue "Commercial Invoice" based on the information from you. 3. If you have no problem with that "Commercial Invoice", please contact us. 4. We will send you a payment email from “paypal”. 5. Please make payment according to it. 6. We will send the product after payment is complete. It is exported by EMS. And we will give you a "tracking number". 【In the case of corporate purchase】 You contact to "info@peo.nara.jp".

It is because it is suitable for the most rotation by using the same material as the bearing.

It is different from general chrome molybdenum steel. It is an original construction from material selection to composition composition by heat treatment.

The manufacturing method is different from genuine products. Genuine products are manufactured by forging. Many other companies have differences in the finishing (smoothing the surface) process. Usually finished in the turning process. However, we carry out the grinding process. Although it is numerical, the finishing possible by turning is Ra 1.6s, but in grinding it is Ra 0.2s, and the difference is clear. See ... ISO 4287-1997

In turning, roundness, squareness, concentricity, and circumferential runout can be controlled in units of 1 / 100mm (10μm). Grinding is possible up to 1 / 10,000 (0.1μm). See ...ISO1101-2017

There is none. Costs and time are required due to the increased production process. So many of the other companies are shunned.

You can feel the difference at the moment of movement from the stop. Self-steering works well. In addition, straightness from low speed to high speed is improved. Since rolling resistance is reduced, fuel consumption tends to improve.

The front fork's kinematic performance will increase, and you will feel a sense of unity with the handle. It is easy for women and petite to switch in the direction of travel, and approaches such as curves can enter more smoothly than before, increasing stability during cornering. The tightening part has a HEX shape and can emphasize the difference from other companies. Since rolling resistance is reduced, fuel consumption tends to improve.

The tightening part has a HEX shape and cannot be easily removed. Some products are a little heavier than their original weight.

Be sure to mount our special tools on the motor cycle body, such as using INSULOK. In the center, there is a φ8mm through hole.

Sense of unity with the swing arm. And the function of the rear suspension is improved. Since it is excellent in straightness, stability is improved in the ground contact between the body / tire and the ground during acceleration / deceleration. In addition, since rolling resistance is reduced, fuel consumption tends to improve.

Some products are a little heavier than their original weight.

This is because, when reducing costs, we increThe most important outer diameter is costly and intensive.ased the number of manufacturing processes and aimed for a product that could be offered to users at high quality at a low price. However, it cuts costs for the inner diameter that only requires weight reduction. .

* Plating spots and rough surfaces on the product surface (does not affect product performance) ● The above is a small unevenness that occurs when the clear finish is done, and it itself becomes a substance that falls off when attached. Many of our products are mixed with these, and there is no problem with product quality. * For normal motorcycle model, if a non-genuine installation is installed and cannot be installed ● Installation on a custom vehicle should be performed at the customer's discretion. Because there is a possibility that it can not be installed due to the relationship * Scratches and abrasions caused by customer's negligence ● Because it is a product that has been dropped or once installed when opening the package * Events after removal of rust prevention measures (plating / painting) by customer ● To lose product quality due to measures other than our applied treatment * Products produced by customer measurements ● For special order * Events that occur when a store other than a shop or dealer is installed. ● Recommended for installation at shops / dealers, etc. * Events that occur when installed in a manner other than specified by the manufacturer ● Please ask a shop or dealer who can check the service manual. * It is assumed that distortion occurs during the "metal seasoning" operation after heat treatment. "metal seasoning"…Operation to leave for many years to remove internal stres We design with tolerances in mind. Outer diameter shape and dimensional tolerances. Internal dimensions, tolerances, concentricity, misalignment, etc., are manufactured after confirmation according to our standards. Customer judgment is not possible. ● Manufactured according to our standards. * When shipped (re-shipped) by repacking (including: exterior packaging is in a state free and lost) ● Seller may not be determined

It is a product that pursues to reduce the friction coefficient, not a product that protrudes only from material changes and weight by copying a genuine product. The coefficient of friction is the ratio of the frictional force acting on the contact surface and the force pushing the contact surface vertically when two objects are in contact. It's a numerical value. The smaller the friction coefficient, the more the object (motorcycle) can be moved. Example) When the weight of an object is 100kg and it starts to move with a force of 50kg, the friction coefficient at this time is 0.5 (μ) = 50 (kgf) / 100 (kg). The coefficient of friction varies with each material. In the case of genuine base material, it is 0.5μ. By the way, in the case of titanium, it is 0.6μ, and it is harder to roll than genuine. By plating, genuine products and titanium products are generally around 0.4μ. With hard chrome plating, it becomes 0.1μ, but it is not usable because the plating is easily damaged by impact, and the broken pieces may damage the bearing. This product has been reviewed from the manufacturing process and the friction coefficient has been reduced to 0.2μ. By improving the product accuracy, the gyro effect was amplified to improve operability and straight running while driving, and a product that drastically reduces the influence of crosswind was completed.

A copy of our product" Zero Point Shaft "is on the market, and it is dangerous to buy it outside of an authorized dealer. Beware of suspicious products such as extremely low selling prices. We are sorry, but we cannot take any responsibility for copy products. Please note that returns and exchanges are not accepted. If you purchased from other than our shopping site or store, please check the product and if you have any suspicious points, please contact the store or seller from which you purchased it. . Please contact the retailer or seller from whom you purchased the product to confirm whether or not the purchased product is a copy product. We will continue to strengthen the control of manufacturers and distributors of copy products in the future, but we recommend that you purchase them from authorized dealers so that you do not purchase copy products by mistake.

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